Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Using PIRATED software is Risky!

 L  ast month I went to a Mall  and I noticed a poster that got my attention. coz. being a Graphic-Designer I use a lot of software  and i didn't know that there are serious fine using pirated software even if you're just renting a computer in computer shops you are violating a law; the poster says "USING PIRATED SOFTWARE IS RISKY!" I couldn't copy enough of the said poster because the store clerks are so suspicious they think that i was getting information (cause I did I was writing while viewing the poster)  they didn't let me to see the whole of it they were thinking that i will tell the authorities that they do selling PIRATED softwares so I searched it instead on line and Booom! I saw this. so DANGEROUS you might end up in jail!


that's why I am saving  money to buy the Genuine Software.

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