Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Using PIRATED software is Risky!

 L  ast month I went to a Mall  and I noticed a poster that got my attention. coz. being a Graphic-Designer I use a lot of software  and i didn't know that there are serious fine using pirated software even if you're just renting a computer in computer shops you are violating a law; the poster says "USING PIRATED SOFTWARE IS RISKY!" I couldn't copy enough of the said poster because the store clerks are so suspicious they think that i was getting information (cause I did I was writing while viewing the poster)  they didn't let me to see the whole of it they were thinking that i will tell the authorities that they do selling PIRATED softwares so I searched it instead on line and Booom! I saw this. so DANGEROUS you might end up in jail!


that's why I am saving  money to buy the Genuine Software.

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Saturday, September 5, 2015


In this Article You'll learn how to Design Non-Destructively here we go...

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nice Shirt Mock-up

Are you an Artist who want to sell shirts online? Or Do You Have a Nice Shirt Design and you want to preview it first before going into printing? well this Shirt Mock-up is right for you!  This Mock-up is an Artwork of  Artem Rudik  a Talented Artist from Khabarovsk, Russia I asked him to share his mock-up link on my blog luckily he gives me the permission This mockup has two types, for men and woman and it even have male and female models that will give you the preview of your design…

Here is the Link:




Monday, June 29, 2015


  On our Previews Article we taught you about FONT PSYCHOLOGY  and how it  and affects our brains and feelings, while in this article, you will learn how  to put them together nicely so you can have font Combinations that are Pleasing to the eyes. that Delivers GREAT Impressions

1. Pair SANS-SERIF WITH SERIF  - This  will give your logo Nice and Edgy look. 
 same way as if you'll pair serif with sans-serif
2. Pair SERIF WITH SANS-SERIF - This will also give you Nice and Edgy look.
3. Do not Put Together Fonts that are with the Same style - Fonts need to Complement each other the same way colors do, and they shouldn't have competing font styles.
4. Have Nice Contrast - this will give your Design Impact and Aesthetic - For Example Combine
 Heavy-Weighy font With Thin font or Heavy-weight font with Script font, like what we had given as Example
5. Limit Your Font to Two - It's not Good to have Lots of fonts, that's why Designers and a lot of the Companies prefer to have their logo in one to Two fonts only.
6. Combine fonts of Complimentary Moods - Combine fonts  of complementary moods  because it will support each other and it's nice to see
7. Use different weight of fonts in the same family - It is good to match fonts that are with the same family because it contrasts each other in terms of font weights and it looks good together.
8. Don't Mix Different Moods - Do not  mix fonts that are of different font style because  it will not make it deliver the message you are you are giving

Many Thanks to:DESIGN MANTIC 
-for allowing me to use some of their contents (the 10 commandments of type)


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fonts and Meaning

Did you ever think that the font type you choose for your logo could say something about you and your business? Or that it could convey your message in a certain light? There are thousands of fonts are on the web, there are also many font families out there Such as Serif, San-Serif, script etc...But the question is did you know how to use fonts  effectively? This Article will teach you every feeling associated with each fonts So, for example, if you want to portray that your business is traditional or respectable, you might want to consider a serif typeface. If you want to people to see your business as stable or modern, you should lean towards a sans serif typeface.
Read the Info-graphic to find out which fonts you should be using for your business logo to pull the right emotions from your audience.

Thanks to crazy egg for giving me the Permission to use some of their content into our Blog
here is their Back Link..

The blue Geometric Background came from Freepik:

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

             Flavorful Colors

                  We, as Graphics Artists are also Great Story-Tellers. We can tell a compelling story even if there is no picture at all. Just by text and colors, we can make them believed that the product is Caramel-Flavored even if there’s no caramel picture on its label… how? With proper coloring that is right for each flavor. you can now convince them that it is that flavor!!
                Today, I am giving you some of the Flavorful color palette that I am using. and not only that; for a limited time only I am giving you the link of where you can download the PSD (Photoshop Document) of the Artwork I gave as an example. meaning-You can now use it however you want. but after two weeks the link will become broken.

Here is the Color Palette that I am talking about...

And here is the Artwork that I made using the Flavor Color Palette...