Tuesday, April 28, 2015

             Flavorful Colors

                  We, as Graphics Artists are also Great Story-Tellers. We can tell a compelling story even if there is no picture at all. Just by text and colors, we can make them believed that the product is Caramel-Flavored even if there’s no caramel picture on its label… how? With proper coloring that is right for each flavor. you can now convince them that it is that flavor!!
                Today, I am giving you some of the Flavorful color palette that I am using. and not only that; for a limited time only I am giving you the link of where you can download the PSD (Photoshop Document) of the Artwork I gave as an example. meaning-You can now use it however you want. but after two weeks the link will become broken.

Here is the Color Palette that I am talking about...

And here is the Artwork that I made using the Flavor Color Palette...

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