Monday, April 20, 2015

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Good day!
        I am Edgardo V. Gatbunton I live in Navotas city I am A Graphic Artist, I do Graphic Designs and Brand Identities...
I Design Professionally since 2014, I am a Proud Graduate of T.e.s.d.a. and I'm proud of it ! I am Proud of being "Tesda Espesyalista" I took the course of 'Pre-Press Operation'  we specialized in Graphic Designing,  as part of our training we are trained to apply Quality standard and professionalism. after I Graduated, I attended various conventions... 'Graphika Manila' is one
to name a few... being a Diligent person, I Didn't stop studying I attends seminars and I search online to get the knowledge I want. I am now aware of Design Theories and other Design Principles that is guiding me in my designing,  and I am looking forward in learning new art forms and Technics.

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